Our design engineers have a wide breath of experiences and can help create architectures and designs that can be efficiently accomplished and easily maintained.  In addition, Alidyne can partnered with other design and manufacturing firms to develop and produce innovative products.


Systems engineering consulting

If you already have a product or project underway and have an implementation team.  Alidyne can provide systems engineering consulting to take the high-level system features and translate them into implementation requirements.  Our system engineering staff have years of experience developing level 2 through level 5 requirements that can be tested and validated.  In addition, we can help develop scopes of work that can be parsed out to various implementation partners.


Implementation support

If you have a product or project but you need a software, firmware, or hardware implementation partner, Alidyne can help. With a focus on systems and software engineering our team is well equipped to take on the development and commercialization of products.

The Alidyne team has supported a variety of development programs ranging from small form factor embedded systems biological experiments for the International Space Station, to cloud based content capture systems, to commercial aircraft subsystems


Project Management

A successfully managed project can mean the difference between a team bringing a project in on time and on schedule and one which runs on without any insight into its health until it is eventually cancelled. At Alidyne we have extensive experience managing and monitoring a wide variety of engineering project types, including mixed specialty teams, on site subcontractors, outside vendors, among others. Depending on your project needs we can support working with your team and / or vendors to develop a manageable plan, schedule, and budget, then provide regular updates and tracking against that plan, providing you with the peace of mind that your project is executing to plan and identifying possible problems early, when it is least expensive and impacting on the project to fix them.


Verification and Validation Testing

Having a great design, detailed requirements, and thorough documentation is great, but how do you know that the completed system is done and meets the needs you outlined in your initial design. Alidyne has leveraged the experience gained from a multitude of aircraft, spacecraft, Internet, Enterprise and safety critical development programs to devise a verification and validation process which can be easily scaled to each project’s specific needs while providing a high level of confidence that the tested system meets or exceeds compliance with the originally intended design. These include tools such as automated testing, unit and module testing, through system and procedural testing, including testing compliance with FAA, NASA, and Mil Spec standards. In addition to software and system testing, Alidyne works closely with a stable of specialty test providers should you require specific certifications such as DO-160 or specialty equipment such as RF and EMI interference testing. The team at Alidyne can work with you to devise the proper balance of test planning, documentation, and budget to ensure that your V&V plan, meets the needs of your specific program.