Lean, Agile, Iterative

Not just buzzwords. We understand Lean and how to apply it to make development more effective. We have applied these concepts to help customers develop enterprise and entertainment applications hosted in the cloud, ground support applications, ISS experiments, and aircraft systems. We have successfully adopted them to spaceflight and safety critical missions as well. High quality and reliability do not have to come at high cost or long schedules.
We specialize in Effective Engineering.

We believe bugs should be captured - Quality happens everywhere

Quality isn’t something that is thrown in at the end, when you integrate and test a system, it must be built-in from Day One. We have found that getting test involved early, Integrating early and often, Testing early and often, we can decrease our quality issue count and deliver a higher quality product on time and budget to our customers. This is research supported. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that up to 1/3 the cost of a development program can be saved simply by finding bugs earlier. Through standardized peer reviews, automated testing, and a focus on quality at each stage of development, we ensure fewer bugs get through our doors and into the wild.

Workflow Oriented Process

Process is a dirty word in some organizations. In others it becomes the goal, above and beyond the work that must get done. At Alidyne we have found a balance to ensure effective teams. Process doesn’t have to get in the way of making progress, especially when it is worked into your team’s regular workflow. At Alidyne we have a saying: Make process part of your regular workflow and it disappears. Read more about our approach, and research to find out more. Effective engineering means not having to pick between quality, speed or low cost. At Alidyne we help you get all three.

Repeat customers are our core

At Alidyne we take care of our customers. From an open high-visibility work process, to close engagement of our customers in the design, test and acceptance process, to providing integration and testing supporting. We believe in supporting our customers’ needs at a high level of quality. Perhaps that is why the majority of our new work comes from existing and recent customers. Let us show you how effective engineering can be done.


Building a great product is great, but building a great product every time takes effective engineering. The team at Alidyne works to a process designed to ensure quality on each project, every time. As a result we are in-line with the best of our industry, including industry best practices defined in CMMI Level 2, and ISO 9000. We are also well versed in developing to industry specific guidelines such as DO-178, DO-160, NASA 7150.2, NASA 7120.5, among others.